We want people to come and enjoy our beautiful, peaceful and well appointed guesthouse that overlooks Bear Creek, here in southwestern New Mexico. However, guests must remember that the Guesthouse and main house share 80+ acres, and are on part of an active cattle ranch. Relax on the verandas or in the private hot tub while enjoying the wonderful views of cliffs, birds and wildlife (like big horn sheep), serenely on your own. When you come here, especially when you go exploring (and everyone does), you will be responsible for your own safety just as if you were in a national park. We accept no liability should any misfortune befall you on your walks, be it accidental or foolish. Okay, we'll be helpful and worried, but your safety is your primary concern and visitors must never forget that this is the real West, wild and open, beautiful and unspoiled, full of animals and natural beauty - and dangers if one is not careful.

The house has 4 fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and a first aid kit. There is a good medical facility in Gila weekdays (normal office hours).

A sudden flood, no warning, Bear Creek - not a rain cloud in the sky - somewhere upstream there had been a downburst.