The Kitchen is well supplied with cooking tools. We start you off with organic milk and eggs, along with bread, butter, jams, yogurt, cereal, coffee, teas, spices, and condiments.

In Cliff, a few miles away from the guesthouse, there is a wonderful gas station, Chuck's Folly, open 7 days a week but only until noon on Sunday.  If you live out here or visit out here, you soon learn to keep your car tank filled up! Distances are huge, the driving easy and spectacular. Chuck's Folly also deals with punctures and tire changes should the need arise (along with milk and bread, in case you get caught short). Also in Cliff, Tammy's Café is a fun place to eat.

Silver City, 25 miles away, has an impressive array of restaurants especially Diane's, Vickies and a huge variety of Mexican restaurants. There's Little Toad Creek Pub (and distillery), which is also fun - often with a band on the weekends. There are also several fast-food franchises in town as well as good lunchtime Mexican style restaurants like Mi Cassita and Nancy's Silver Cafe (next to the Co-Op).

The Silver City Co-op sells all manner of organic and healthy foods. Albertsons Supermarket is open 7 days a week and a Walmart is open 24/7.