This is Bear Creek looking east about midday in April. The mountains in the distance are the Mogollon and the rounded-top hill is called Turtle Rock (also called Apache Rock as it was rumored to be a safe-haven for Apache families while the men were off hunting - Cochise and Geronimo each used to travel the creek bed regularly.)
The Mesa of Las Palomas is on the left with the Casita and the Hacienda overlooking the steep hill and Bear Creek valley.

The Guesthouse has two verandas (porches). The south facing veranda overlooks Bear Creek and the cliffs facing. It is the perfect spot for lunch, an afternoon rest, reading or bird watching. In summer, hummingbird feeders on the verandas keep 20 to 30 hummingbirds buzzing about all day.

To the west of this veranda is the private hot tub which accommodates 6. The rocks
are to make sure a gust of wind does not loosen the thermal cover. At night, under
the clear sky, there is nothing more relaxing.

The east facing veranda faces the Hacienda next door and Turtle Rock beyond.
There is a barbeque (and charcoal to get you started) and a clay fire chiminea with
local wood to burn (when fire danger is low enough - we do live in the desert southwest
and fires are no joke).

We are as eco-friendly as we can be - but also have 200+ TV channels and good
DSL WiFi throughout the guesthouse.

The Guesthouse is situated above shallow cliffs, overlooking Bear Creek and the cattle ranch below.

Sunrises from the side of the guesthouse are spectacular. So Are sunsets!

The main house has an Endless pool which we allow guests to use, occasionally, at our
discretion. Please do not hesitate to ask. But, no, dogs are not allowed to swim (even
when they are dying to!).